Lyndon B. Johnson was involved in a scandal that later became known as the Pentagon Papers. The Pentagon Papers were a series of documents leaked to the New York Times by Daniel Ellsberg showing that the government had mislead the public about their involvement in the Vietnam War. This was such a huge thing because it was one of the first major causes of public distrust in the government. Before the Pentagon Papers were leaked, the majority of people had faith in what their leaders could, and would, do. It was also the first time in modern history that this major and widespread of a leak had occurred. Daniel Ellsberg was a former military analyst who at first wanted to keep his name out of it in fear of repercussions. This can be related to the recent op-ed piece published in the New York Times in which an anonymous source speaks out about the president. Though it is not classified information, it still shows that some are afraid of their name being in the spotlight in fear of what might happen to their reputation.


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Pruitt , Sarah. “The Long, Complicated History of Political Leaks.”, A&E Television Networks, 8 Mar. 2017,

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