The Bush Family 

George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush made it as the second father-son pair to be elected president. It also seems they they share some similarities with the Adams family as well…

“Both John Adams and George H. W. Bush served as vice presidents before being elected president. John Quincy and George W. both entered the White House under controversy. John Quincy Adams defeated Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay in the election of 1824 – in what was dubbed “The Corrupt Bargain” by Jackson supporters. In 2000 George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in a presidential election that wasn’t finalized until five weeks after Election Day. Neither John Quincy Adams nor George W. Bush received the majority of the popular vote in their elections.  As a matter of fact, the elections of 1824 and 2000 were both decided by outside of the Electoral College. The House of Representatives made the final decision in 1824, and in a five to four vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ended the 2000 election with a George W. Bush victory (“Presidents related to each other Archives”).

George H.W. Bush, President And War Hero, Dies At 94
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush


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The Harrison Family 

William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison created the only grandfather-grandson paid that we have seen in the White House to date. The Harrison name first found it’s way into American history when Benjamin Harrison V signed the Declaration of Independence and became a Founding Father. Benjamin Harrison V later went on to have a son named William Henry who ended up becoming a U.S president. William Henry in turn had a grandson by the name of Benjamin Harrison who also ended up becoming president in 1888.

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The Ones that are Related…

Many people might not know that there have been some families in the White House… men who are directly or indirectly related to each other and each have taken the presidency.

Directly Related:

  • John Adams and John Q. Adams
  • William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison
  • George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush

Indirectly Related:

The list can go on forever of presidents who are cousins of other presidents, and so we are going to stick with the directly related ones for now.

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Beto is from El Paso and served on the EP City Council for two terms before running for Congress in 2012, at which time he took on an eight-term incumbent and won.

Beto is making his name known, and not really in the traditional political way. He refuses to use PAC or special interest group money on his campaign, and claims that his campaign is by the people. His way of campaigning is going around to visit all 254 counties in Texas it get a feel of what the people have to say. The video below shows just a little about how Beto feels and wants to change Texas politics.

Who will win it?

If you don’t know by now, this midterm for Texas is one for the books. Democratic nominee Beto O’Rourke will face off against Republican incumbent Ted Cruz. But who will win? To find out a possibility, I asked 25 people who they think will win this race and asked them to tell me why they thought it was so important. The results are as follows:

  • Cruz- 16 votes
  • Beto- 9 votes
  • Most frequent ‘importance’ answer: Many people want Beto to win, but they thought that Cruz will actually win because traditionally Texas is red. They thought that this election is so important because Democrats are speaking up and it seems as if they are becoming more involved.
Miss Universe 2017 Live Results From Top 9 To Winner
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The One in Texas…

As most of us know, the midterm elections take place on November 6th. But many of us don’t understand just how important these midterm elections are. These results will impact the rest of Trump’s presidency. If the Democrats are able to retake congress, they are able to severely limit the amount of power that President Trump has which puts a damper on many of the plans he tries to push forward. If the Republicans maintain control, it means that Trump will be able to push forward without much obstruction. If the Democrats are only able to take the House, they will still be able to block many of Trumps attempts to push plans forward.

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Unsurprisingly, George Washington is famous for being the first president of the United States. Though that in itself is more than enough for him to win over the poll’s last question, he is also famous for his farewell address when it was time for him to leave office. He started the tradition of a farewell address. People are still amazed at how relevant the speech is to our nation today, even though it was written over 220 years ago. The video below goes into more depth on why Washington’s speech is still relevant today.


The third question that was on the sheet that I passed out was:

In your opinion, which one of the following presidents has the greatest impact that we can still very much feel today?

  • George Washinton
  • Abraham Lincoln
  • John F. Kennedy
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt
  • Harry Truman

For this question, the most two frequent answers that I received (not surprisingly) were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. George did beat Abe out though by only three votes. The least circled option on this list was Kennedy, with only one vote.

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