During the end of his term, Rutherford B. Hayes nominated Stanley Mathew to be a Supreme Court Justice in hopes that things would move quickly. However, Senate members strongly disliked the president’s nominee and so they refused to vote on the matter, leaving Hayes’ term to end before the issue was ever brought back up (Stevenson). Once President Garfield was in office he did push for Mathew, and his nomination was accepted by Congress with a vote of 24-23 which was the closest count ever, until maybe now…

This story is somewhat similar to what is going on in the news today. President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee was disliked by democrats even before the allegations came out against him, and now that they have Congress has put off making the final vote in order to hear what the FBI finds out about what really happened. The first vote was split right on partisan lines which was 11-10.



Stevenson, Freeman. “Top Scandals and Controversies of Each United States President | Deseret News.”, Deseret News, 20 May 2013,

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