The Bush Family 

George Herbert Walker Bush and George Walker Bush made it as the second father-son pair to be elected president. It also seems they they share some similarities with the Adams family as well…

“Both John Adams and George H. W. Bush served as vice presidents before being elected president. John Quincy and George W. both entered the White House under controversy. John Quincy Adams defeated Andrew Jackson and Henry Clay in the election of 1824 – in what was dubbed “The Corrupt Bargain” by Jackson supporters. In 2000 George W. Bush defeated Al Gore in a presidential election that wasn’t finalized until five weeks after Election Day. Neither John Quincy Adams nor George W. Bush received the majority of the popular vote in their elections.  As a matter of fact, the elections of 1824 and 2000 were both decided by outside of the Electoral College. The House of Representatives made the final decision in 1824, and in a five to four vote, the U.S. Supreme Court ended the 2000 election with a George W. Bush victory (“Presidents related to each other Archives”).

George H.W. Bush, President And War Hero, Dies At 94
George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush


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The Harrison Family 

William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison created the only grandfather-grandson paid that we have seen in the White House to date. The Harrison name first found it’s way into American history when Benjamin Harrison V signed the Declaration of Independence and became a Founding Father. Benjamin Harrison V later went on to have a son named William Henry who ended up becoming a U.S president. William Henry in turn had a grandson by the name of Benjamin Harrison who also ended up becoming president in 1888.

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The Ones that are Related…

Many people might not know that there have been some families in the White House… men who are directly or indirectly related to each other and each have taken the presidency.

Directly Related:

  • John Adams and John Q. Adams
  • William Henry Harrison and Benjamin Harrison
  • George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush

Indirectly Related:

The list can go on forever of presidents who are cousins of other presidents, and so we are going to stick with the directly related ones for now.

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