The one that’s off topic…

I know that my blog focuses around the presidents, but something happened at work today that I can’t really get out of my head. The story…

I work for a company that has job sites all over. I have been trying to set up a class in Microsoft Excel for two of our guys in Denver to take to help them out. Well I found a company that would send a trainer out to our job site in order to teach them, and today I get a call asking about the location of the job site (because it is a construction site, the guys work out of a mobile office trailer-not sure what exactly it’s called). I explained where the trainer would be and this lady started freaking out saying that it was a “major red flag” and that she would not be sending her trainer out to a construction site office trailer in order to teach two men by herself (she has never met our guys before). The construction site is apart of an apartment complex and there are ALWAYS people present, including people already living at the complex, but I’m not sure she understood that. She was worried that her female trainer was going to end up alone with our two male workers, she wasn’t comfortable, and so she refused.

I definitely understand where the lady was coming from, but it does really suck that we live in a world where women have to worry about the possibility of being sexually assaulted in a situation as simple of teaching two men how to use microsoft excel. It also sucks that our guys are being refused this service by her and are being lumped in with men who actually are threats. It’s better safe than sorry on her part, and with everything going on in the news lately, having something like this happen first hand was a definite eye-opener.

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