Herbert Hoover 

Herbert Hoover was elected on the eve of the Great Depression, so (fairly or unfairly) he ended up receiving the blame for America’s worst economic crisis. After the stock-market crash in 1929, Hoover believed that more government intervention would make things worse, and many did not agree with this position. Because of the loss of homes and jobs, shanty little towns popped up all over America and were nicknamed Hoovervilles, blaming Hoover for their poor situation (James 2009). To add to his unpopularity, Hoover kept up his support for the Prohibition. VIDEO: http://content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1879648_1879646_1879697,00.html

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Taken from here


James, Randy. “Top 10 Forgettable Presidents.” Time, Time Inc., 10 Mar. 2009, content.time.com/time/specials/packages/article/0,28804,1879648_1879646_1879697,00.html.


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