#4 Ronald Reagan

Some of Reagan’s top accomplishments include:

  • Reagan played a key role in trying to end the Cold War. When he came into office the strategy shifted from “peace through strength” to a more firm strategy. Ten months after Reagan’s term ended, the Berlin Wall opened and in 1991 the Soviet Union collapsed (Dykewicz).
  • Reagan improved the economy in a number of ways, but maybe most noticeably was in the unemployment and inflation rates. During Reagans term, 16 million new jobs were created (Dykewicz)
  • The Professional Air Traffic Controllers Organization (PATCO) went on strike, going against the rule that government employees were not allowed to do this. Reagan took a strong stance on the issue, not backing down even when the vast majority of the workers did not show back up to work after Reagan sent out a warning that if they weren’t back to work in 48 hours they would be fired (Anirudh).

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