#1 Abraham Lincoln

Abe Lincoln ranked number 1 on the poll that I put out earlier this week, and often times it seems like he’s the go-to man when talking about great presidents. But what made him so great? Here is just a few things that he did to improve the country.

  • To start off, Lincoln signed the Emancipation Proclamation which started the procedure for ending slavery in the United States. Though it didn’t immediately end slavery, it was a really big step (Anirudh).
  • Lincoln saw the importance for a national currency. In 1863 he signed the National Banking Act into law in hopes that it would create a dynamic economy and in his words, “…create a reliable and permanent influence in support of the national credit and protect the people against losses in the use of paper money (Lincoln).”
  • Lincoln signed the first Homestead Acts that allowed poor people to obtain land. The goal was to encourage people to move west who would get 160 acres of land in return as long as they lived on the land for five years and showed that they were somehow improving the land. By 1900, 80 million acres of land had been given away (Primary).
  • Abraham Lincoln began land-grant colleges which was formed under the Morrill Act in 1862. This act gave states 30,000 acres of  land as long as it was being used to build a public university, or the money made off the land was going to establish a college, and as long as the college would teach agriculture and the mechanical arts (Colleges). Sound familiar? Texas A&M is a land-grant university.
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