Thomas Jefferson owned something like 600 slaves and lived on a very large plantation in which he called his Monticello plantation. Other presidents owned slaves during these days as well, but Thomas Jefferson was known for having six children with one of his slaves named Sally Hemings. Some say that Jefferson and Hemings had an actual relationship during the years that all of this occurred, and though it is impossible to know for certain the dynamics of their relationship, it is kind of hard to believe seeing how Hemings was only 14 when their “relationship” began and she technically was considered to be his property at the time. Even if it wasn’t rape, I am sure that she felt a certain pressure and obligation to him since he was her master and in charge of her quality of life.

Though slavery is not legal anymore, the practice of sexual misconduct is still around and seen in the news all the time. Unfortunately, it is more often males who see the need to preform these acts. Men are more able to use their masculinity, position of power, and authority in order to coerce women into certain situations which, even though they might not have specifically said “no”, feel uncomfortable with what is going on.

Image result for thomas jefferson and his slaves
Monticello and Garden by Jane Pitford Braddick Peticolas, 1825


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