The One with Thomas Jefferson Part 2…

Thomas Jefferson married a widow by the name of Martha Skelton in 1772. The two had six children together, but unfortunately only two of their daughter survived to adulthood and Martha died during their last child’s birth (1). However, it is believed that he had more children with one of his slaves.

With the American Revolution beginning, Jefferson was asked to be a delegate for the second continental congress. Although he was not a great public speaker, he was a very talented writer and was chosen to create a draft of the Declaration of Independence. After resigning from the second continental congress, Jefferson served as the governor of Virginia for may years before becoming the U.S minister to France and later the nation’s first Secretary of State (1).

Jefferson first ran for president in 1796 where he lost against John Adams, but did become vice president. The following election, Jefferson ran against Adams again and in the end became victorious (1).

LEFT: Martha “Patsy” Jefferson by Thomas Sully (1783–1872) — RIGHT: John Quincy Adams by Gilbert Stuart (1755–1828)
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