The One beginning Thomas Jefferson…

Thomas Jefferson had a little different childhood than George Washington, and a lot more is known about it. Jefferson was born in 1743 on a plantation in western Virginia. His first years of life were filled with roaming the forests and beginning to explore books. When he was nine years old, Jefferson’s formal education began which was boarding school and lasted until he was sixteen (1). After boarding school, he attended the Collage of William and Marry and later attended law school under the direction of George Wythe. Jefferson’s father passed away when he was only fourteen years old, leaving Jefferson looking up to his male professors as father figures (1). Little it known about Jefferson’s mother. Thomas Jefferson was privileged far more than others around his area, and he made the most of it.

Jefferson at City Tavern
 Taken from here


  1. Onuf, P. (2017, June 19). Thomas Jefferson: Life Before the Presidency. Retrieved from

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