The One with George Part 2…

When George got a little older, he desperately wanted to join the British Navy. His mother shut down that idea, and so George decided to learn a trade that could benefit his social and economic status… he became a land surveyor. While doing this George was able to learn the land’s backcountry and became familiar with wilderness survival skills that would later become useful (1). Unfortunately in 1752, George’s brother passed away, leaving George to inherit the famed Mount Vernon. Later that same year, George was appointed the task of training the North District’s militia which started his career in the military(1).

George met a widow named Martha who would later become his wife. Martha had two children of her own, which George ended up adopting and raising with Martha. George went on to involve himself in the politics of Virginia, which eventually led him to lead troops in the Revolution which we all know about today (this part of George’s life is more well know). During this time Congress saw all the George was bringing to the table and they unanimously named him Commander-in-Chief (1).

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